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My Favorite Part of Science!!!!


My favorite part of science would have to be meteorologist the study of weather like tornados floods a lot of other types of weather. I’m a persons who likes danger you say learning about these things can also keep you safe. Lets say you are a random citizen and there is a tornado and it looks like it is going to hit your house and you don’t know what to do. Well if talk learn about it or watch the news you should actually listen to him so you can stay safe ,yes I know  that the news lies sometimes but if you keep thinking that he is living and 1 time he is actually telling the truth well he or she tried to tell you don’t go blaming him for your mistakes. what is your favorite part of science comment in the box below thanks bye!!!!!

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Never Give Up



I had been asking my mom for a skateboard for a long time ,and I had finally gotten one for Christmas  “Thank goodness winter is over,” I told my mom. “Why,” my mom said. “Cause now I can finally learn how to ride my skateboard”. It wasn’t a regular four wheeled skateboard it was a ripstik with only two wheels. I didn’t want anyone to teach me I was determined to learn on my own. 1st  I had to learn how to get on ,and how to move my feet. You see we have this large road type hill next to my house ,and that’s the road I learned on. I went down the hill just a little to get used to it .
I had fallen down a lot but i got used to it. When I finally learned how to ride I went down the entire hill dodging debris, and around all the holes in the ground ,but I made it.After I had learned I started riding with my friends. One day I was riding with one of my friends , and a black truck was right in front of me I couldn’t stop I tried to jump off ,and I flew instead ,and slide across the concrete that was a bad day for me. What was weird it happened again with a black car ,but I was with a different friend I told my friend “ I think I should stay away from black vehicles,”” I think they hate you he laughed”
I’m glad I didn’t give up if I did then I wouldn’t know how to ride one to this day.If you put your mind to do something like learning how to do something never give up.

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Believe !

                      God what is God
God forgives you when you have done wrong called sins
if you don’t belive in him that dosen’t mean he does not love you
when you need a hand in life ask reach out for him he will be there
don’t belive in saten he’s bad news and he won’t help you
what has he done that made world a better place
God hung himself on the cross to pay for all the sins that we did
but he came back in spirt to help us with our everyday life not just to leave us hanging
he loves us
God what is God he’s a spirt that loves us
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I play mine-craft but not that much well cause I’m not into video games,but my plans are for my mine-craft city is to make all kinds of houses from trailers to big like enormous houses i intend them to be unique in there own special way .like







and a lot of others


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Hearing is a blessing!


Hearing would have to be to be my fav. Without it I would never be able to hear my own voice and others .Being able to hear would be a bless u know how u get that ringing in your ear and it does not feel good ,sounds like someone is screaming in your ear ,not a great feeling well to me it’s not . It makes your listening skills way better and if u have not heard someone’s voice in a long time like if they went to the army to serve our nations and after all this time u want to hear there voice well yeah .If u can’t hear u will struggle or if u want to become a world wide singer and u can’t find the right pitch that also would be a struggle .I love how I can hear if I could not hear my life would be full of struggles I am glad that I have hearing it makes my life so much easier and better.


If it was taken away I would be very sad I would have to struggle through school learning things and when someone tells me what to do like my mom I would not be able to hear her ,I would miss her voice. Wearing an hearing aid is like wearing a headphone that sticks in your ear and trust me after a while it will hurt .Sometimes  people forget to put on there hearing aid or refuse to . Look  having your hearing taken away is harsh but when a doctor provides some kind hearing devise so that u would not have to hear for the rest of your life wear it at least u have something to at least help u with your hearing if I lost my haring I would wear it even though its not the stylist thing in the world ,but at least I’ll have some kind of way to hear.



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A leader for all to see!


It was 1954 my hero’s childhood fell into play ,and not a very good one at that.  He was born on January 15,1924.  Martin Luther King, Jr., he worked for racial equality ,and civil rights in the United States of America . He enjoyed reading,singing,riding a bicycle,and playing football and baseball. He went to college at age 15.

During the 1950’s ,Dr. Martin  participated in the  peaceful demonstrations that protested the unfair treatment of African Americans.In 1957 he was elected president of the christian leadership conference,an organization formed to provide new leadership for the now burgeoning civil rights movement.

Martin Luther King  Jr. was an American clergyman activist and prominent leader of the African American civil rights movement and Nobel peace prize laureate who became known for his advancement of civil rights by using civil disobedience .  He was assassinated  in Memphis ,Tennessee on April 4,1968 at the age of 39, King was rushed to St.Joseph’s hospital where he was pronounced dead at 7:05 p.m. that evening .  Martin Luther King Jr is my hero. The reason he is my hero and probably many others is because he made so that all people could be together.  Make the world a better place and a peaceful place.

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Waterfall Wishes





As the water rushes down like a speeding

lightning bolt

I think shouldn’t there be marvelous


I don’t see any all I see is 3 lazy

dropped eye potholes

oh! You are all alone


I walk through the humongous

woods standing next to you

how are you all alone

look at yourself you are a piece of art work

painted by the most famous painter in the world


I mean there is lots of cool and beautiful animals out there

,but without you here this place would not have people

you make this place wonderful just believe

in your Waterfall Wishes!


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